Welcome to Product Addons Demo

  • Add multiple product options
  • Set the price for each product option
  • 15 Field types for WooCommerce
  • Display custom product options at checkout, order, and cart.

Let’s see some examples:

Build Your Own PC

Choose from different options to custom-build your PC. This example uses the drop-down, radio button, and color button example along with heading fields. Check the product


Create special moments by giving a Bouquet along with a special card and a custom message written on it. This product shows the working of a checkbox with images, a custom message field, and a radio button with Images. Check the product

Personalized Bracelet

Create a personalized bracelet for yourself or your loved ones. Check the Product

Custom T-Shirt

Personalize your T-shirt with this plugin. Add custom text, choose shirt color with color swatches, you can also upload custom designs, and choose the font style when you add the T-Shirt Back text. Check out this Product.

Ring with Gift Wrapping

This product shows the example of conditional fields. If you select Yes, it will show you more customizable options. Check this Product.

Create Your Own Pizza

Order the pizza of your own choice with the help of multiple options. Check the Product